Yes, you can rent our one of a kind pieces now, in the Netherlands at a fraction of the retail price. Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on rental program expansion.


1. Shop our rental store like you normally would to purchase a brand new design

2. Once you find a design you want to rent, add the item to your shopping cart

3. Proceed with checkout and place your order

4. If a design is “out of stock”, this means someone else is renting it, but it’ll be available again in a few days.

5. In about 2 days you’ll receive your items. If you need them sooner, please contact us throug email, or call (06) 42 59 00 81. Perhaps you’ll need to stop by the atelier to pick up your rentals!

6. Enjoy looking fantastic in our designs for 4 days. The listed rental price is good for a full 4-day period of time.

7. After the 4 days are up, return the designs using the prepaid shipping label in your box after 4 days of receipt of goods.

8. Can’t return the designs in 4 days? No problem, your account will be automatically charged at the beginning of the next 4-day period until designs are returned.

Questions? Please reach out through email, or call/text (06) 42 59 00 81.


1. Definitions

1.1 In these terms & conditions:

1.1.1 “You” refers to the Renter
1.1.2 “SEEFD” 
refers to Mrs Fineart trading under SEEFD
 “Product” refers to our garments and all goods offered for rental on
1.1.4 “Contract” refers to your rental order of a product or products in accordance with these Terms and Conditions which we accept in accordance with all rental charges


2. Who We Are

2.1 We are Mrs Fineart trading under SEEFD having our business address at

Hongarijehof 53, 1363 CC Almere

our atelier: De Steiger 113, 1351 AK Almere Haven

trading as (“SEEFD”)

2.2 You, the Renter are entering into a Contract with Mrs Fineart trading under SEEFD for the rental of our products.

2.3 These are the Terms & Conditions of the Contract. These and all relevant written correspondence relating to specific terms & conditions about the Contract, form the entire Contract between you and SEEFD. Any other terms & conditions that you use yourself, do not apply.

2.4 These terms & conditions can only be adjusted upon agreement by you and SEEFD and the adjustments are put in writing by SEEFD.


3. Rental Terms of Service

3.1 The Period of Rental begins immediately when the products are ready for you to collect at our atelier or has been delivered to you. The Period of Rental ends when everything you have rented, is returned within acceptable conditions.

3.2 You are responsible for the products all the time they are not in our premises. You must take good care of the products and keep them in your possession throughout the Rental Period and any extension.

3.3 You are liable for all loss or damage caused to the products in their full replacement cost or value whichever is the higher. You must tell us in writing of any loss of or damage to the products without delay and you will pay to SEEFD the full cost of the replacement or repair of the products. In the case of loss of product and/or extensive and irreparable damage, you will be liable for and charged 1.5 times the retail cost of the garment (as per what is stated on

3.4 You may not alter or modify the products in any way.

3.5 You cannot let anyone else use the products.

3.6 Can’t return the products in 4 days? No problem, your account will be automatically charged at the beginning of the next 4-day period until our products are returned. Until the original purchase price of our product has been paid in full. If the products are held beyond the agreed Period of Rent, in the case of cancelled orders from our side, they remain in your possession without our consent. And you will be charged the full amount of the product. We will also charge for any damages for breach of this Contract if this causes any loss to SEEFD. In the event of refusal to return or buy the products, SEEFD reserves the right to take legal action against you.

3.7 You may not arrange cleaning yourself unless we have agreed this in writing.

3.8 SEEFD will use our best efforts to ensure the products are provided clean and in a wearable condition. The Renter must notify us of any damage or discrepancy (including but not limited to sizing and fit issues) within 24 hours of receiving the products. Failure to notify us within that time period means that you have accepted the products in the quantity, quality and condition in which they were received.

3.9 The products remain the property of SEEFD at all times when the Renter has no right or interest in them. If the products are sold to the Renter by written agreement, title passes from SEEFD to the Renter when the purchase price and all monies owing by the Renter to SEEFD in relation to the products being purchased are paid in full.

3.10 You may not physically copy or duplicate any item of the products.  If you do this, you will pay additional charges based on the standard rental charge for each item of the products and the number of copies or duplications made by you.

3.11 If there are any changes to delivery and/or return address and/or methods and/or dates and/or timings, SEEFD must be notified before 3pm, on the day before the original delivery and/or return date. If SEEFD is not informed before the cut off time, the charges for last minute changes is as per below:

Change in delivery and/or return address and/or methods and/or dates and/or timings: the rental price for next 4-day period will be charged.

Unable to return the dress on the original return date: the rental price for next 4-day period will be charged.

3.12 SEEFD reserves the right to revise rental prices at the company’s discretion. Orders placed before any rental price revision will not be affected.

3.13 Duration of rental includes the day the product is ready for delivery or self-pickup and the day the product is due for return.

3.14 SEEFD reserves the right to cancel orders where the payment has been withdrawn or not been made directly.


4. Cancellation, Refund and Order Revision Policy

4.1 All cancellations of Contract with notice given at least 24 hours before the delivery date will be issued a store credit refund. Charges will be refunded via the original method of payment.

4.2 If you cancel the Contract with less than 24 hours notice given before delivery date, you will need to pay a cancellation charge consisting of the shipping costs of the orderd product, which will be taken out from the rental price and any other costs. The remainder will then be refunded via store credit refund. No cash refunds will be given.

4.3 No cash refunds will be given for the rental price.