SEEFD BY YOU: storage bags

In this DIY tutorial we will show you how to create handy storage bags. And a few fun ways to use them. You can get 4 to 6 bags from just 1 pair of jeans or pants.

One of the tings we stand for is:

Let your clothes speak for you. Fall in love with them. Wear them longer, repair them. Make them a part of you and transcend your story on to them. Your voice, your actions your personal impact with which you make the difference.

But what if it’s time for a new pair of jeans!? Because the fit or size of your old jeans isn’t right anymore. You’ve repaired them enough. Or you just fell in love with a awesome new sustainable pair… Than we have some cool ideas to reuse your old jeans. And it’s super simple! watch:

stap1 SEEFD by you

Cut the legs of your jeans (pants) into two or three equal parts.


stap2 SEEFD by you

Sew up one side of the leg and then turn it inside out. You can do this by hand or with a sewing machine (we recommend a zigzag stitch).


stap3 SEEFD by you

Flip or roll down the open side one or two times. And iron the edge so that it will stay in place. If you cut up the legs into three pieces you can choose to skip this part. Otherwise your bag might become to shallow.


stap4 SEEFD by you

Decorate the bags and voila. Your old pants is upcycled. And you can even wear the top of your jeans as a hotpants or short. Don’t want to wear the top half of the jeans. Next time we will show you how you can make a pillow out of it.

Still want to throw that old pants out? We have some more tips for you. Because by making small conscious changes in the way you dispose of your clothes you can make a big difference ❤. 

  • You could donate your old clothes to your friends, family, neighbours or to a thriftstore/charity. To gift them a second life.
  • And then there are some stores that take back used clothes from their own brand or even from other brands to recycle or upcycle.
  • Or you could bring your clothes to a textile recycling-center or a upcycle-center. A lot of textiles can be recycled to make new clothing.


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