Last week we were at the Right About Now Festival with the SEEFD stand to screen-print live for the visitors. It was the first time we’ve screen printed on location, so we were a bit nervous.

But ended up having so much fun, enjoying the positive reactions we’ve got. And were lucky enough to see some other act as well (we saw Sherise Strang, Yassin Mrabtifi, Sunday Cypher | MC Drt + Guests and Ella John. really loved them all! Even cryed once because it was so beautiful <3 ). Ella John came by our stand after her awesome performance. And we talked about hooking her up with some one of a kind SEEFD pieces! It was a very successful and fun day. Thanks Groot Wild and Right About Now inc for having us! Looking forward to next year.

Some photo’s of the festival and of the acts we got to see:




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