It’s Fashion Revolution Week! So you naturally ask yourself the question; who made my clothes? Or in my case who re-made, fixed & SEEFD my clothes? Well I do.



10 years ago I started as a graphic designer. I design everything with love and put a lot of time and attention into my work. In recent years, most of what I designed was ultimately only communicated digitally. People scroll through their timeline quickly, look at your work for 3 seconds, click on a blue thumb or a heart and that is it. I found it increasingly difficult to design for this fast consumption. Even though I always did this for companies and people who do something to make the world a little better and more beautiful.
I wanted to be able to touch my work. Think about materials, structures, colors. Give it another dimension. Making it even better, more beautiful and more interesting. Work that people fall in love with.
So in addition to my assignments, I went on to design illustrations and prints for, among other things, pillow covers, scarves and t-shirts. The idea that my work would really be used and worn was the biggest motivation. But what buged me was that on the one hand I felt the need to give a counter reaction to the consumer society and on the other hand I added products to it. Products of wich I could not properly control how they were made, by whom and under what circumstances. I only designed the print or illustration and after pressing a button, production was started on the other side of the world.
This was of course NOT my intention. I started looking for other ways. Started to think about what sustainable products I could make. Which was quite a challenge. Because the thing is with the urge to create is that you actually create something… So you make even more of something. And there is so much already. Too much. I even designed a Tiny House together with my husband, so we could live with less worry, less possession. Filling our lives with more experiences.
My conclusion: I want to design. This makes me happy and I make others happy with my work. And when I design something I want it to last longer than the click on that blue thumb. I want people to use, wear and cherish my art. But I don’t want to add more “new” products to a world that needs less. So I decided to use what already existed instead of creating everything new. And to work with like minded people. I found that my municipality (for the dutchies, I needed to google this. But it means: gemeente) worked on the same goals in my city. So I teamed up with them and the 1st upcycle center in the Netherlands. Making excess to clothes that would otherwise be landfilled or thrown away possible. And to further spread our joint 🚬 message: WASTE = RAW MATERIAL.

That is how my idea for SEEFD came to life. Clothing with a past became a canvas for my art.


I want to make you fall in love with your clothes. So you wear them longer, repair them. Make them a part of you and transcend your story on to them. We CAN be the change, and it starts within our own wardrobes.
My BIG mission is that I want to grow the collective awareness of the negative impacts of the fast fashion industry. Changing the mindset of the consumer, to focus more on the quality over the quantity of the clothes that we buy and own. To see the love and beauty in the life of every garment. And show how simple & fun solutions can reduce your impact as a consumer.
My way of working reflects my big mission. I work with what already is instead of creating everything new. Clothing with a past becomes a canvas for art and statement. I do not only SEEF and extend the life of pre loved clothes, but also give them extra value with my art, love and attention. As a tribute to the adventures and stories they had and will make again.
My BIG wish is that I can inspire you to be happy with who you are. That you dare to express more and show more. And for you to know that your imperfections are what makes you unique and interesting. Because you have an important story to tell. So you can BE and make the positive change in the world.
My designs reflect my biggest wish for you. Because they aren’t perfect either, but pretty f#$@*ng awesome. Perfect imperfections I call them. There scars en stories visible. An invitation to be loved and seen. They ensure that you have a unique fashion piece that no one else in the world has. Just like there is no other you in the world.

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