UNWRAPPED reveals the story of beautiful works of art that have been passed on, put in crates and boxes, who have been hidden for a long time, almost forgotten. It’s a story of objects that are full of life, but were wrapped in plastic, strapped in with duct-tape and left in the dark. Yesterday there story got a new beginning.
This special expo shows the power of working with what already exist. Something that makes me very happy and that I encourage and support. You need vision and you have to use all your creativity to breathe new life into something with a past. And that is exactly what makes this expo layered, unique, exciting & sustainable. During UNWRAPPED you can experience the works of art in a new light. They serve as cultural commentary. The way they are exhibited is intended to create a unique sense of connection with the viewer.
With my installation I show you how I added value to something that was labeled worthless. My aim is to give you a different view on clothes that were discarded. I turned them into a canvas for my art. Art with a message. And you can literally carry out that message.
Why would you buy a new shirt that everyone is wearing, when you can create unique items? Working with what already is, instead of adding more “new” products to a world that needs less? SEEFD creates fashion with a heart. Heart for the art of fashion and especially heart for the world. There working method in combination with the used materials (using the upcycling process) make that the clothes bring forth a sustainable wearability with a good dose of swag. All the materials that were used are pre loved. Sparking a trend that’s gaining serious momentum.
The mannequin is dressed as an ‘earth warrior’ and vividly carries out the philosophy of SEEFD. The base consists of clothing collected at the Upcycle Center in Almere Haven. (therefore we’re worn by “Almeerders” so they reprisent the “Almeerders”) The accessories came from verious musicals such as ‘Hair the musical’. The prints are made with a special ink that is vegan and non-toxic.
The Kimono (former martial arts wear) was hand deyed to give it a beautiful jeans look. Then the back of the kimono was turned into a canvas for art. Creating an item that blurs the lines between fashion design and textile art.
The leather jacket was repaired and then hand painted to create an unique and wearable fashion item.
The video shows more of the SEEFD work process.
The paper bag standing next to the mannequin is filled with clothing labels that were gathered by 5 friends and family members within a period of 6 months. It visualises the extensive amount of clothes that are bought within a small amount of time. Nearly three-fifth of all those clothes end up in incinerators or landfills within a year of being purchased.
In combination with the other works its meant to grow the collective awareness of the negative impacts of the fast fashion industry. And at the same time show a few fun solutions to simply reduce your own impact as a consumer. Because we CAN be the change, and it starts within your own wardrobe.
Visit UNWRAPPED to see my installation and (re) discover the stories behind the works of art at KAF.


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